This week’s all new Community Focus features Sarah Kremmer, Public Relations Specialist, Better Business Bureau- Cincinnati!

In this interview we will discuss how the BBB works with consumers and businesses to create and retain an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other. BBB provides ratings for businesses, and helps consumers and businesses resolve disputes.

The BBB surveyed over 1300 accredited businesses nationwide to see what challenges they’re facing due to COVID 19:

15% of businesses are worried about paying and keeping employees
25% of businesses are worried about customers and spending habits, and bringing new customers to their stores
50% of businesses are worried about cash flow, paying bills, and staying in business

We will touch on free ways to support small businesses, such as writing online reviews, liking and sharing on social media, and telling businesses you appreciate them. As well as scams being seen in the Greater Cincinnati area that are related to coronavirus.

Be sure to listen to this informative interview Friday at 5:45 pm, Saturday at 5:45 pm, and on Sunday at 9;15 am and 7:15 pm right here on Christian Talk 1160!