This week’s all new Community Focus features, Nancy Wood, Public Information Officer, KYTC District 6!

We will touch on updates about the Spring/Summer road construction season, and the areas where motorists may experience the most impact in their commute. We will also discuss the impact the COVID 19 pandemic is having on traffic, and how KYDOT road workers are keeping with social distancing and health protocols while working to finish needed road projects.

Nancy will also share the importance of being alert and aware when drivers see orange barrels or construction zone signs, and following posted reduced speed signage in construction zones to keep everyone safe. Drivers can find out more about construction projects and traffic impact areas by visiting the KYTC District 6 facebook and twitter.

You can listen to this informative interview starting tonight at 5;45 pm, Saturday at 5;45 pm, and on Sunday at 9:15 am and 7:15 pm right here on Christian Talk 1160!