Having been hurt by Christians in the past, my mom responded in anger when I dedicated my life to Jesus. “So, now you’re going to judge me? I don’t think so.” She hung up the phone and refused to talk to me for a whole year. I grieved, but eventually realized a relationship with God was even more important than one of my most valued relationships. I prayed for her every time she refused my calls and asked the Lord to help me love her well.

Finally, we reconciled. A few months later, she said, “You’ve changed. I think I’m ready to hear more about Jesus.” Soon after, she accepted Christ and lived the rest of her days loving God and others.

Like the man who ran up to Jesus asking how he could inherit eternal life and left in sorrow because he didn’t want to part with his wealth (Mark 10:17-31), I struggled with the thought of giving up everything to follow the Lord.

It’s not easy surrendering the things or people we think we can count on more than God (vv. 23-25). But the value of what we give up or lose in this world will never exceed the gift of eternal life with Jesus. Our loving Lord willingly sacrificed Himself to save all people. He wraps us in peace and woos us with priceless and persistent love.


Source: Our Daily Breat