A Sweltering Summer for Cincinnati’s Homeless Population

Fri Jul 06th, 2018 | Community Affairs

The heat index is climbing. We’ve already seen days peek over 100° Fahrenheit here in the Cincinnati/North Kentucky area with more to come. For a number of homeless adults and youth, that means sweltering days with few options to cool down or stay hydrated. Thanks in part to the efforts of City Gospel Mission however, there are options for those suffering in our community.

If you’re not familiar with City Gospel Mission, here’s the skinny:

  • They have been serving our community since 1924, Founded by James N. Gamble of Procter & Gamble with a mission to “break the cycle of poverty and despair … one life at a time.”
  • With the help of 350 local churches and 2,500 volunteers they are able to engage, equip and empower those in need to achieve long-term life transformation and self-sufficiency.
  • It’s not just about providing food and shelter, City Gospel Mission offers a number of services including men’s and women’s long-term addiction recovery programs, which include transitional housing and aftercare, job readiness and placement programs for people who have felonies and limited work histories (as well as people who do not), along with tutoring and mentoring programs which impact more than 1,100 at-risk youth at more than 60 sites throughout Greater Cincinnati.

OK, but what exactly causes homelessness? The loss of a home, a loved one, addiction and generational poverty are a few of the factors spanning a number of cases, but here’s what Kevin Rosebrook, VP of Homeless Services at City Gospel Mission had to say. “When I get the question ‘what’s the leading cause of homelessness?’ I tend to think about relationships. I tend to think about significant relationships in our lives and how if I were to lose everything tomorrow, I know there’s a number of people that would take me in. That’s not always the case for the individuals coming to our door, they need a voice, they need someone to reach out to them, and so they’re lacking those relationships.”

What impact does summer have on those who are homeless though? Often times we tend to think of those in need during the holiday season alone, not in the summer months when homelessness is just as prevalent. Unfortunately; when it comes to homelessness in the summer, while the need for help remains, the amount of help received, be it through donations or volunteer work, decreases. Unlike Thanksgiving when there is often an influx of volunteers and donations (which is great) the same can’t be echoed for summer. You just don’t see the same kind of turn out during the holidays in summer such as Independence Day, a time when dehydration and heat stroke can turn deadly.

Wow. So what can I do to help? For those who wish to volunteer or donate, you may do so by visiting City Gospel Mission’s website here: https://www.citygospelmission.org/us/

There is also a charity ride happening this month to benefit the men’s homeless shelter at CGM, lead by their head Chef, Antonio Holliday. Details on this event can be found here: https://www.citygospelmission.org/rotr/

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Learn more about what CGM believe’s the Bible says about people in poverty and how we are supposed to care for them: Biblical Study on the Poor