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  • Thru the BibleFriday, 3:30 pm-4:00 pm

    Includes our Sunday Sermon program and our weekday "Thru the Bible" program takes the listener through the entire Bible in just five years, threading back and forth between the Old and New Testaments. Because we start over again with Genesis after we've concluded Revelation, you can "get aboard the Bible bus" at any time. If you ...

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Quartet Time

Featured Program: Quartet Time

Host: Donnie and Judy Cox

Quartet Time is a southern gospel music show hosted by Donnie & Judy Cox every Saturday from 7am-9am here on WCVX. Donnie has hosted the broadcast for over 35 years and Judy joined him as co-host in 1999. Quartet Time has been recognized by the United States Congress; Singing News, a national southern gospel magazine, along with many other highly acclaimed and recognized sources throughout the U.S.

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Asbury Tabernacle

Host: Richard Vaughn

Your Watchmen on the Wall

Host: Rev. Noah Hutchings

Dr. Asa On Call

Host: Dr. Asa Andrew

Let’s Just Talk

Host: Kathryn Raaker

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Finding Waldo

Sat Jun 10th, 2017 | Our Daily Bread

Waldo is the cartoonish star of “Where’s Waldo,” a now-classic best-selling children’s book series. Waldo hides himself in the crowded painted scenes on each page, inviting children to find where he’s hiding. Parents around the world love the moments of sweet discovery when their children’s faces signal they’ve found Waldo. They also enjoy the occasions when they’re invited to help find Waldo. Shortly after Stephen, a deacon in the early church, was stoned to death for proclaiming Christ (see Acts 7), a widespread persecution broke out against Christians, causing many to flee Jerusalem. Another deacon, Philip, followed these fleeing Christians…

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A Reason to Sing

Fri Jun 09th, 2017 | Our Daily Bread

Rings and Grace

Thu Jun 08th, 2017 | Our Daily Bread

God Calling

Wed Jun 07th, 2017 | Our Daily Bread

Fifteen-Minute Challenge

Tue Jun 06th, 2017 | Our Daily Bread

What Do We Want?

Mon Jun 05th, 2017 | Our Daily Bread

Perfect Peace

Sun Jun 04th, 2017 | Our Daily Bread