This Week’s Community Spotlight Shines On The Hoxworth Blood Center

Mon Jul 02nd, 2018 | Community Affairs, Station Blog

This week on Community Focus, host Jessica Rice sat down with Cara Nicolas, Associate Public Information Officer at the Hoxworth Blood Center to discuss the importance of blood donation, the urgent need in our community, where to donate, and more.

Here’s what we learned:

• The Hoxworth Blood Center serves 31 Hospitals and 18 counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and is the only steward of blood supply in our area.

• A minimum of 300 donations are needed every single day in order to keep up with the demand of the hospitals they serve-and that’s not including platelet donors! Of which 25 are needed per day.

• Blood, unlike artificial bone marrow and other developments in health care, can not be manufactured. Meaning healthy living donors are needed.

• Cancer patients, organ transplant recipients, and those with sickle cell also need transfusions making the need for blood donations vital.

• Aside from donations, The Hoxworth Blood Center conducts important research and is currently working with the DOD on projects such as freeze-dried plasma and ways to make blood products last longer.

• 30-35% of the population here is eligible to donate blood but less than 10% of those eligible do donate.

• In order to donate, you have to be at least 16 years old (with parental consent) 17 or older you may do so on your own, and generally in good health. Diabetics and those with piercings or tattoos may also donate.

• If you are taking medications or want to check your eligibility to donate you may call 513-451-0910.

• Platelets (which are important for clotting) are needed by many including cancer patients and burn victims. Platelet donations only have a shelf life of 5 days making the need for platelet donation great.

• Curious about where your donation is used? You can create an account and log-in to find out where your blood or platelet donation was used including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Mercy, or other locations in our community.

• The summer months mean increased usage and lower donations, making it all the more important to donate now!

Remember, Red, White & Zoo is going on NOW. So be sure to donate blood at a Hoxworth donor center (July 2-6) and get one FREE ticket to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden! Appointments are highly encouraged–sign up at or call 513-451-0910. (Please note that donor centers will be closed on July 4th)

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