Men’s Health with Johnny Williams, LPCC

Fri Jun 15th, 2018 | Community Affairs, Station Blog


With Father’s Day around the corner it’s no surprise that June is Men’s Health Month, but what IS surprising is just how often Men’s Mental Health is overlooked, ignored, or skirted under the rug due to certain societal stigmas. At times, we tend to forget that general good health encompasses not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Mental health issues, when ignored or untreated, can eventually take a toll on us physically and wear us down emotionally.

Thankfully, Johnny Williams, Founder and CEO of 5H Counseling and Consulting here in Cincinnati stopped by our studio to provide some excellent tips and advice on Men’s Mental Health including:

• How friends and family can encourage men in their life to care for their physical and mental health

• Resources available for those seeking help in our area

• Why “Manning Up” should mean seeking help and not burying the issue(s)

• Stigma’s surrounding mental health issues among men

Join us THIS Sunday, Father’s Day, June 17th at 9:15am and 7:15pm to hear the full broadcast.

For more information about Mr. Williams or how to contact 5H Counseling please visit: Psychology Today

Additional Resources:
For Emergencies, Please Dial 9-1-1
Call 1-800-273-8255
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Military Helpline

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Text: MIL1 to 839863

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