The Christian Talk 1160 Church Spotlight is a daily 5-minute and weekly 30-minute program featuring a different local church each week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Church Spotlight?

Church Spotlight is a free program offered to local churches allowing them to highlight their ministries and activities in the local community.

When does Church Spotlight air?
The Church Spotlight is aired in five-minute segments every Monday through Friday at 3PM.

What is the format of Church Spotlight?
Church Spotlight uses an interview format. In other words, we sit down with the pastor in our studios and ask questions regarding the ministries and activities of the church.

What kind of questions will I be asked during a Church Spotlight interview?
What ministries and activities does your church provide?
What challenges do you see affecting the church today?
What role should the church play in the community?
What is typical service like at your church?

How much does Church Spotlight cost?
Absolutely nothing. Church Spotlight is a free service provided by Christian Talk 1160.

What is the purpose of Church Spotlight?
To give listeners the opportunity to find out more about local churches and their ministries.

How can my church be featured on a Church Spotlight?
Simply call Jim Stevens at 513.533.2500.